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The Forest Grove Library Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides support to the Forest Grove City Library through the procurement of private funds. Established in 2000, the Foundation helps to provide an atmosphere of excellence for the library by enhancing the facility and adding to the variety and quality of services and programs offered.

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Forest Grove Public Arts Commission Raises $11,550 for Mollie’s Garden!

stecchino bistro

Late in the Fall of 2013, the Forest Grove Public Arts Commission (PAC) began a collaborative effort to raise $5,700 for the “Mollie’s Garden” art project. After a community talent show (“Stars in the Grove”), a used car donation and a dinner with the artists, the Public Arts Commission has exceeded their fundraising goal.

54 library art enthusiasts attended the June 1 dinner at Stecchino’s Bistro. Ed Carpenter, Greg Kriebel, and Eric Canon – the three artists involved in the project – presented information about the endeavor as well as sketches and a miniature version.

Stecchino’s owner Randy Reeder donated more than half the proceeds from ticket sales ($60 each), and some of his employees donated their time. Ticket sales and donations garnered about $3,400 for the FG Public Arts Commission. “The dinner was a great success,” said Kathleen Leatham, chairperson of the PAC. “The food was wonderful, and there was a very eclectic mix of people there supporting public art in Forest Grove.”

The PAC also is directing $3,000 of their 2014-15 Community Enhancement Program funds from the city to the “Mollie’s Garden” project, $850 from the sale of a donated vehicle, along with $3,000 from the PAC’s CEP 2013-14 funds and $1,300 from “Stars in Grove.” The total PAC donation to the Library Foundation’s “Mollie’s Garden” project amounts to $11,550!

The cost of the entire “Mollie’s Garden” project is roughly $69,000; $45,000 for materials and installation of the Ed Carpenter glass sculpture; approximately $17,000 for the woodwork by Greg Kriebel and the metal work by Eric Canon; and about $7,000 for upgraded lighting. Installation is expected by Fall 2014.