Our Mission

The Forest Grove Library Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides support to the Forest Grove City Library through the procurement of private funds. Established in 2000, the Foundation helps to provide an atmosphere of excellence for the library by enhancing the facility and adding to the variety and quality of services and programs offered.

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June 30 Deadline for Matching Grants

Last year, the Forest Grove Library Foundation received a $10,000 conditional grant from the Oregon Community Foundation. The OCF grant required us to raise $80,000 for the current capital campaign by June 30, 2012.  We had raised about $75,000 by May 21, the date of the FGLF Board Meeting. At that meeting, three board members donated a $2500 “matching” grant that will be made if another $2500 can be raised from library supporters by June 30, 2012. This month offers a great opportunity to increase the power of individual gifts because these gifts will help trigger the $2500 match from FGLF board members as well as the $10,000 OCF grant.