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The Forest Grove Library Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides support to the Forest Grove City Library through the procurement of private funds. Established in 2000, the Foundation helps to provide an atmosphere of excellence for the library by enhancing the facility and adding to the variety and quality of services and programs offered.

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New Children’s Furniture Enhances Comfort and Safety, and Looks Great, Too!

Librarian Linda Stiles Taylor writes:

We have enjoyed ten wonderful new tables and twenty-two chairs for elementary-aged children, for five months now, thanks to the Forest Grove Library Foundation. After years of battered, heavy, adult-sized tables with sharp corners, and tippy adult-sized chairs that seemed to say, “stand on me” to little people, we are very excited about the change in the Children’s Area.

The new tables are colorful and inviting. The three different table shapes are frequently rearranged into different configurations for classes, events and families. The chairs are comfortable, made of stackable wood, and designed to reduce the chance of tipping over backward.

The whole Children’s Area looks more attractive and more inviting to the age group it is intended for. If you visit the children’s area nowadays, it definitely says, “KIDS.” And, what do you know? This summer numbers were up for kids completing the Summer Reading program. A more welcoming environment helps!

We still have a ways to go in improving the Children’s Area. With the Foundation’s help, we will add additional furnishings in the early childhood area, a child-sized early literacy computer, a big “sense of arrival” feature at the entrance to the children’s area, and some additional shelving to make the library collection more accessible to kids. So keep checking us out … great things to come!